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Kingcade Home provides complete A to Z services for residential, commercial and renovation Interior Design and Project Management Services from the concept stage to completion.

Our design service is tailored to you. The process changes from client to client, but it involves the core facets of interior design: concept design, colour consultation, space planning, furnishing selection, and product sourcing to finishes and fixtures.

There are 5 primary phases to explain how we work with our clients:

Strategic Planning

Conceptual Development

Design Development

Construction Documentation

Interior Styling

Strategic Planning Phase

Free 15 mins introductory phone consultation. It is an excellent opportunity to understand your goal, so we can outline how we can help to achieve your goal.

Book 90 minutes of a paid on-site consultation. Your dedicated interior designer will walk through the space, get to know you and your specific needs, and how you would like to use your space (home, family, pet, habits, regular daily routine etc.; Commercial space: company background, slogan, culture, code of conduct etc. Shop Space: products, the way you interact with your customers, market positioning etc.. ) It is absolutely critical to know every bit of information, so your space serves your needs. A list of important points you want our designers to know would be helpful (i.e. your budget, goal, taste, favorite home-decor inspiration images etc..). During this stage, the quality of your input is the foundation of an amazing design that brings your vision to life. 

More Site Visits, rigorous research, and surveys may be involved depending on the project’s complexity. 

Kingcade Home follows the Australian Standards, which set out specifications and design procedures to ensure products and services consistently perform safely, reliably, and the way they/are intended to. Australian Standard, such as the National Construction Code (NCC), sets out the requirements for the design and construction of a building. It sets the bar of the required level for certain buildings’ safety, health, amenity, accessibility, and sustainability. 

To create a unique design for you, we need to learn as much as we can about you (or your company/shop). This is the essence of the Strategic Planning Phase. Mutually deciding on ideas that make “Bring Your Vision to Life” possible.


During the Conceptual Development Phase, areas are refined, and the functionality of each space is scrutinized. Structural Engineers may be organized if needed. 

The conceptual development phase aims to translate the project program into physical drawings of space. Area/areas will determine physical requirements and relationships of all the required building spaces and components, then confirm based on project budget, project schedule etc..


Situations related to wall removal would involve a structural engineer on-site to create a construction drawing. (We’ll organise this for you) When areas are refined, and functionalities of spaces are considered. We make sure they blend in well with the overall style. New sketches are created to transform space planning. We also can provide Virtual reality experiences (with additional cost), which allow you to identify potential problems early in the project, saving you further inconvenience.

Salient Features of Conceptual Development Phase

  • Ideas are converted into sketches.
  •  The illustration(Sketch) includes basic conceptual site plans, elevations, and new floor plans in blank spaces and rough sections.
  • The sketch will be sent to you for review.
  • Design is finalized once it’s approved. Proceed to the next phase once the sketch is approved.

Design Development Phase

The design direction was solidified during the last phase. Your designer finalizes interior finishes during the design development phase by adding details to your design.

Things like the style/color of your tiles, countertops, lighting, and furnishings are part of the overall design to ensure everything fits well in the space. Specifications will be reviewed with a general contractor.

The idea is to create a fusion of your approved design with your style and function requirements.

As the client, you can be confident that everything we have selected has your approval, right from lighting and furnishing to flooring. These are illustrated via new proposed floor plans, detailed drawings, and elevations and may include other visual aids.

You should also expect these first three phases to be where most of your design fees are spent. The design process is very front-loaded, meaning most of the work(money spent) is incurred initially.

In a nutshell, the design development phase plans out everything for your space.


Your designer finalizes construction drawings that specify the entire design, specifications and layouts with elements such as millwork, tile, furniture plans, lighting, countertop materials and all the details needed to execute the design. 

The construction drawings and material schedules are the keys to communicating the design to the construction team.

At this stage, the approved design is translated into construction documents for contractors.

Approved construction documents are processed for cost estimation.

Kingcade Home emphasizes interiors authentic to each client. We reimagine your space or begin from a blank canvas. With our unwavering focus on both the functional and aesthetics of each space, our interior designs are high-quality, cohesive, delightly livable, and unmistakably the best.

Salient Features of Construction Document Phase

  • Approve design is translated into Construction Documents for the construction team
  • All Specifications for executing interior design projects are included

All construction documents and drawings by Kingcade Home are developed by keeping the Interior Design Drafting Standards in mind.


You’ll receive access to professional know-how and trades and tap into a huge furniture and homeware suppliers base that works specifically with interior decorators and designers, saving you up to 40% off RRP. 

We order, procure and arrange deliveries for all items on your behalf. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the boxes to arrive! We track the deliveries for you and make sure everything arrives safely.

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Kingcade Home is a professional interior design business based in Sydney specialised in residential and commercial projects.

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